Location: McKean County, Pennsylvania

The biggest thing we have noticed is that the clean operation of the propane buses has reduced the emissions in our garage and around our schools. There is far less crude build-up on our computer screens inside of our maintenance bays, which is obviously a plus for our lungs.

Barry Bryan, director of transportation for the school district

The Bradford Area School District uses eight propane school buses to serve school children in a mountainous region of northern Pennsylvania.


  • School district pays 50 percent less per gallon of propane compared with diesel.
  • Estimated $1,500 savings per year per propane bus compared with maintenance and parts needed for diesel buses.
  • More than 8,000 fewer pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions and more than 250 fewer pounds of particulate matter compared with diesel models replaced.
  • During winter 2015, buses started in -25 degrees Fahrenheit without issue.